Weav – new interactive music format

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Play the Road – composition on wheels

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New publications…

The publications section has been updated with three recent additions.

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Going to the Innovation in Music Conference? Come and see what FAST is doing!

The FAST project is attending the Innovation in Music Conference in Cambridge 7-9th June. Come and see our panel session (Tuesday 9th June, at 11.20am), we’ll be discussing how novel metadata and semantic audio can shape future music production and consumption.

An exciting and knowledgeable panel…

Jon Eades – Abbey Road

Matt White – Omnifone

George Fazekas – Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London

Peter Tolmie – Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham


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44. Mementoes

Need a momento…? What to see what Carolan has been up to?

Carolan Guitar

How might you keep in touch with Carolan once it has passed on to someone else?

We launch our Summer collection of Carolan accessories. Like the guitar itself, they are decorated with  celtic knotwork that can be scanned to link to Carolan’s growing history. The perfect memento?


Plectrums are a useful accessory; stickers are a popuar way of personalising instrument cases to help you recognise your own at a crowded gig or session; it’s always good to leave a calling card; and button badges remain the coolest way to display your musical allegiance.


We’d love to hear your ideas for interesting and perhaps more personal artefacts that we can decorate with Carolan’s knotwork. Perhaps you’d even like to send us a valued object of your own that we can try out in our laser cutter? Anyone got a spare Uke hanging around? Or maybe a vintage Martin D-28 that needs some new life breathing into it?

Or maybe you’d like just to purchase your own Carolan accessory pack of plectrums, stickers, cards…

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43. Landmarks

Carolan’s out and about making new friends.

Carolan Guitar

Carolan has passed some time in Bristol with Rob King and Pippa Marland, founders of the celtic-jazz-fusion band Carmina. Since their formation in 1987, Carmina has toured extensively, including Australia, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and France, and released two studio albums produced by the legendary Donal Lunny as well as a live album. They have also been nominated for the Hot Press Best Roots Album and The Irish Rock Music Awards Best Traditional Act Awards!

Carolan joins Rob and Pippa as they begin composing material for their next album and as with Lulo Reinhardt back in post 27, becomes the inspiration for a new song. We’re very much looking forward to hearing the final version. In the meantime, we’ll hand over to Rob and Pippa to tell their own stories …

Pippa’s Story

pippa-cropped My first reaction to the idea of the Carolan guitar was to think about my own musical instrument, and how I would love to be able to find…

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Carolan Guitar project

Head on over and follow the Carolan Guitar project blog. We’re making a guitar that can tell a story, from the tonewoods that form it, to the craft of its making, to the players that own it, to the places it visits, and to the many songs that it sings.

This blog tells the story of a unique guitar; one that has been created with the express purpose of capturing and telling its own life history.

@carolanguitar – Twitter

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Paper for New Interfaces for Musical Expression

A paper describing the compositional design of a soundtrack app to accompany visitor exploration of Yorkshire Sculpture Park can be accessed here.

This short paper/poster will be presented at the 14th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 30 June – 4 July 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London.

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Location based composition research to be presented at NIME 2014

The compositional design of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park Soundtrack app has been accepted for a poster presentation at this year’s New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (NIME 2014), hosted at Goldsmith College, London June 30th- July 4th 2014.

More details to follow.

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Public presentation at Blast Theory

I am giving a public presentation of my research, hosted by Blast Theory.

presi photo

Join us for drinks and conversation, 7pm Wednesday 19th February, 2014 at Blast Theory Unit 5, 20 Wellington Road, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1DN, 01273 413 455

Walk this Way: Musically Guided Walking Experiences

The proliferation of mobile devices increasingly finds mobile listening embedded into our everyday activities and experiences. Artists regularly seize mobility as a canvas upon which bespoke musical experiences are curated and delivered. This raises the interesting question of how might composers create music for location-specific experiences, where the space functions as a structural template upon which original soundtracks for interactive walking experiences can be composed. In this presentation, Adrian discusses on-going research which aims to unearth meaningful connections between music and the exploration of space – to inform the development of a framework for composers working within location based music.

Visit Blast Theory

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